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Planetarium is

Planetarium is an open source gaming platform set to transform the longevity and the profit model of games. Rather than simply introducing open source model into games, we intend to make the games run forever through peer-to-peer networks and pioneer a new form of community-powered games.




There are no separate transaction processing fee for the users. Planetarium engine makes peer-to-peer games possible to play for free, making the user experience of the game, not the miscellaneous fees, the competitive edge that attracts and retains users.


for Game Developers

Are you a developer struggling with unfamiliar toolchain and limitations of smart contracts? Planetarium is a new engine specializing in peer-to-peer gaming. We have built a .NET-based engine that allows developers to code complex logic and interactive gameplay together in a single Unity project. Think of Node.js, but for multi-platform online games.

the Network

Are you nervous about your sales relying solely on in-app purchases and publisher investments? Develop games with Planetarium to secure development cost through new revenue model based on the permanent world that you created.


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Kijun Seo

Kijun Seo

CEO, Co-founder

As an engineer and a project lead specializing in early stage products, Kijun worked at Nexon and Dropbox crafting mobile games and real-time collaboration tools. Before starting Planetarium, he had been helping startups in Korea and US with product development while running an independent media art studio. He is a graduate of California Institute of Technology with a degree in Computer Science.



  • Future Play
  • KDB 캐피탈
  • Bass Investment
  • We Ventures
  • D2 Startup Factory
  • Block Crafters


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